†† If youíre looking for new Horror/Suspense/Fantasy fiction...you have come to the right place!† In addition to plugging my novels, I usually have short stories, articles, essays, and the occasional bizarre poem available here as well. 

†† Deadly Intuition (my suspense/fantasy/horror) novel will appeal to those of you who enjoy a Koontz or King quick read, of about three hundred pages of so.†

†† Project Dark Savior (Volume 1), on the other hand,will appeal to you guys who just love to see that same detective time and time again...the ultimate crime novel experience (because it is mixed with a little of my own supernatural spice, of course). 

†† Project Dark Savior is now released, and I am working on the second volume in the Tampa Detective Elizabeth Wylde Crime series.† I teamed up with a local artist in the bay area, Carrie Jadus, who will just blow your mind with the graphics, both inside and on the cover of the book.

†† And as always, I still love the perilous sport of genre jumping, so you can be sure that this crazy mix of prose will keep changing.  I can't promise where it will come† from...sometimes, Horror, Suspense or even Fantasy genres ...who knows?  As long as the Idea gnomes keep delivering their curious little mental packages, I will keep producing! 

†† So please, check in every so often to see whatís on my virtual shelf! Also, check out my authorís page at Amazon.com, or email me directly via the links at the top of the page..



Author E. A. Mourn
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